Looking for sound property investment advice?
inSynergy Property Wealth Advisory can help.

inSynergy are experts in residential property investment.

Our team, all experienced investors themselves, have been offering the very best investment advice and education to Australian property investors for more than 10 years.

We’re committed to helping our clients build a successful property portfolio, safely and to achieve their financial goals without sacrificing on lifestyle.

What makes inSynergy different?

There are many spruikers out there selling property to the unsuspecting.


We’re passionate about helping our clients to build wealth through Property Investment. We’re not about selling risky long-term off-the-plan property; instead we focus on giving investors the knowledge, tools and strategy to make informed decisions about their investment choices.

A full service Property Investment Advisory

inSynergy provides a broad-range of professional services designed to assist you with all aspects of property investment.

Property Investment Education

Education is the key to knowledge and smart investment decisions. Our one-on-one property investment strategy and planning workshop is a powerful, education based session, designed to give investors a sound understanding of the essential fundamentals of property investment. The workshop content can be tailored to cater for first time investors through to more highly experienced investors.

Property Investment Strategy

Critical to a successful property investment strategy is seeking professional advice from an experienced and reputable advisor who will show you how to make best use of your borrowing capacity and savings invested. Our team can help you consider how soon you could be in a position to invest in property, how much deposit you will need or should use and how best to structure your finance. We’ve also developed comprehensive modelling tools to show you what your portfolio might look like with different growth rates in the future and what that might mean for your potential retirement position.
Specialised Mortgage Broking

inSynergy offers highly specialised mortgage broking and finance services that help our clients to build significant wealth - safely.  Our advanced lending strategies, including finance and ownership structures, land and income tax minimisation, borrowing capacity optimisation and valuation maximisation enable the creation of substantial and very tangible wealth - far over and above any one lender or standard ‘mortgage broker’.  
Sourcing High Growth Investment Property

inSynergy is an accredited investment property buyers agent.   We review and analyse data from the most recognised and respected Australian research providers including BIS Shrapnel, PRD Nationwide, Residex and Access Economics to identify cities and regions that demonstrate all the signs for strong growth and return on investment.   Working closely with our property alliance partners, we help our clients buy investment properties in high growth areas that achieve high rental yields based on this sound research.