Property Investment Strategy & Implementation

At inSynergy, we are great believers in the potential of property investment to build wealth. We have experienced this personally and are committed to educating our clients on the huge potential of a structured property investment portfolio strategy. 

Why Invest in Property? 

ANZ economics, one of the leaders in property economics in Australia, reports what many property investors have known for a long time – that in risk adjusted terms, residential property has delivered vastly superior returns to all other broad asset classes. The report notes that whilst much has been written about reduced yields on investor housing and house price ‘bubbles’ in recent years, housing (as an asset class) has continued to deliver remarkably strong and relatively stable investment returns. There are huge advantages that appropriate leverage (making capital gains from borrowed funds) can offer. 

With only $20,000 cash invested (plus your upfront costs) it is possible to invest in a $200,000 property, making your earning potential that much greater. This coupled with the market cycles, benefits of rent return, taxation relief in servicing those borrowings, and the significant growth achievable over time guarantees that property is a sound investment option.

Property Investment Strategy 

Critical to a successful property investment strategy is seeking professional advice from an experienced and reputable advisor who will show you how to make best use of your borrowing capacity and savings invested. It also ensures a better chance of selecting quality investment properties in areas showing strong potential for capital growth and rental yield.

At inSynergy, we believe that successful property investment is best achieved by applying sound investment principles to well-informed industry advice, education, market research and planning. Broadly speaking, the general approach of effective property investment is to purchase as much good property as soon as you can and hold it for as long as you can safely!   

Did you know that owning two near new properties with interest only repayments can cost the same after tax benefits as one property at principal and interest?  As property usually doubles in value every 7–10 years, even if you don’t pay of any of the loans, the two property strategy is highly likely to be worth far more than the one property strategy.  We can help you consider how soon you could be in a position to invest in property, how much deposit you will need or should use and how best to structure your finance.

The inSynergy Advanced Property Investment Plan 

inSynergy can work with you to develop a comprehensive 2-5 year property investment plan tailored individually to your unique circumstances and financial goals. We’ve also developed comprehensive modelling tools to show you what your portfolio might look like with different growth rates in the future and what that might mean for your potential retirement position.

Download a copy of our Services Guide for full details. 

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